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Rich Eisen runs a 5.94 40-yard dash at the 2016 NFL Combine

After a disappointing 6.10 time in the 40-yard dash in 2015, Eisen bounced back with a personal record at the 2016 NFL Combine.

Rich Eisen bounced back from a bad showing at the 2015 NFL Combine with a personal best time of 5.94 seconds in the 40-yard dash on Monday.

The NFL Network host has been running the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in a suit since 2005. What started as something he did just for fun has since become one of the more popular moments at the NFL Combine, so Eisen used the platform to begin raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This year Eisen encouraged viewers to send in their own videos along with donations with his "Run Rich Run" campaign. He hit the field on Sunday, but video of the event didn't come out until the end of the NFL Combine broadcast on Monday, revealing a record time for Eisen:

We've got a table of all of his past results, where you can pretty clearly see relative improvement, before a bad year in 2015:

Year 40-yard dash time
2005 6.77 seconds
2006 6.22 seconds
2007 6.43 seconds
2008 6.34 seconds
2009 6.34 seconds
2010 6.21 seconds
2011 6.18 seconds
2012 6.03 seconds
2013 6.03 seconds
2014 5.98 seconds
2015 6.10 seconds
2016 5.94 seconds

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