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49ers postpone Levi's Stadium sleepover for 1,200 Girl Scouts in favor of more lucrative concert

An estimated 1,200 Girl Scouts from Northern California had their planned sleepover at Levi's Stadium delayed when the San Francisco 49ers opted to initially cancel the event to instead accommodate a more lucrative concert. While the sleepover was initially cancelled, the 49ers and the Girl Scouts were able to work out an agreement to postpone it a week with the 49ers covering the cost of the event.

The Girl Scouts and the team has previously signed a contract for the event, but there was a stipulation in the deal that allowed the team to cancel in favor of another event, according to the San Jose Mercury News. While the team has not announced what concert will be held instead, Levi's Stadium needed setup time on the day the Girl Scout event was planned. The event is going to be a reward for the top selling Girl Scouts in Northern California and included girls running through the tunnel and having a movie and pizza party on the 50-yard line.

"There was a lot of excitement about it. I'm deeply disappointed," CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northern California Marina Park said before a new deal was reached, via the Mercury News. "They're running a business and I guess I'm sorry their relationship with us wasn't valued as highly as some other things."

The 49ers suggested hosting the Girl Scout event on different days, but according to the Mercury News, the Girl Scouts declined because they didn't want the kids to be "disappointed again" if the event was once again canceled. That stance apparently changed with the two sides eventually agreeing to a deal. As part of the new deal, the 49ers guaranteed the event would not be moved from the new date.

In a statement, the 49ers said they notify private event clients that "occasional conflicts" can arise.

To make the situation even more peculiar, at the same time Girl Scout troops were being alerted of the canceled event on Tuesday, 49ers CEO Jed York tweeted a picture of himself buying Girl Scout cookies.