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Peyton Manning conducted own private investigation into HGH accusers

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Manning's team launched an investigation shortly after Al Jazeera started contacting athletes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had his lawyers launch a private investigation against the people accusing him of receiving performance enhancing drugs, according to The Washington Post.

Manning was one of many prominent athletes named in an Al Jazeera documentary called "The Dark Side: The Secret World of Sports Doping." In it, the quarterback was accused by pharmacist Charlie Sly of receiving human growth hormone through an anti-aging clinic and through his wife, Ashley.

Manning has adamantly denied the accusations and said little beyond that the documentary had no credibility. In fact, he's done little talking about the situation due to how he's handled the media thus far. There has been little talk of it in the lead up to Super Bowl 50, where his Broncos will take on the Carolina Panthers.

Sly's parents were contacted by private investigators and called 911 in response, according to the report. Sly is the primary source in the documentary and Manning's people were conducting their own investigation shortly after Al Jazeera started contacting athletes, who would be named in the documentary.

Manning's lawyer did not remove any records and did not influence or coerce Sly into recanting his statements to Al Jazeera, according to Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary and crisis management consultant hired by Manning. He said the investigative team did nothing that would interfere with ongoing investigations. Sly claimed his statements to Al Jazeera were recorded without his knowledge.