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A rough day for corporate accountability in the NFL

The NFL is still denying the link between the game and brain disease while also trying to influence the direction of medical research into the problem. And Peyton Manning is hiring private investigators for his thing as well.

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THE NFL CONTROLS THE CONCUSSION BUSINESSNFL donations to brain research benefit league-linked doctors, raise worries about influence on science. Outside the Lines released a major report Thursday that reveals serious reservations among the scientific community about the role being played by the NFL, the biggest funder of brain research. "This is a recipe for disaster," said one scientist. Another compared it to the tobacco industry.

STATE OF DENIALAnother NFL doctor refuses to acknowledge concussion reality. At the NFL's annual press conference on health and safety, one member of the NFL’s Head, Neck & Spine Committee told reporters that there was no link between playing football and degenerative brain disease.

PEYTON'S PRIVATE EYES: Days before the AL Jazeera report accusing Peyton Manning of using HGH that was shipped to his house in his wife's name, he dispatched two private investigators to his accuser's parents' house to dig further into the allegations. A day later Charlie Sly recorded a video recanting the allegations.

NFL INVESTIGATING MANZIELPolice report alleges Johnny Manziel told girlfriend "shut up or I'll kill us both." New details about the Jan. 30 incident have come to light just as Dallas and Fort Worth police announced that they had no plan to charge Manziel and closed the investigation. The NFL is still conducting its own investigation into the incident.

TEBOW UPDATETim Tebow says he is rooting for the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50.

SNOOP MEETS CAMSnoop Dogg had the best question for Cam Newton at media day. This video is great.

SUPER SUPER BOWL PREVIEWThis Super Bowl 50 preview is so amazing it needs its own preview. This week on the podcast: Narratives! Playbooks! Xs and Os! Prop bets! We've got it ALL!


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