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2016 Super Bowl: Kyle Long knows the only way to stop Cam Newton’s dancing

Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long and Lions wide receiver Golden Tate join SB Nation for a round of Answer The Question to show off their knowledge of food, geography and how to get Cam Newton to stop dancing.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Kyle Long and Golden Tate don't just compete on the football field. The two NFL players faced off on Answer The Question with SB Nation during Super Bowl week in order to show off their vast -- or not-so-vast -- knowledge of the Bay Area, food and a whole bunch of other topics.

Long, who plays offensive line for the Chicago Bears, may never have tried to stop Cam Newton before, but the 27-year-old knew precisely how to prevent the Panthers' superstar quarterback from getting his groove on. You just can't let Newton get into the end zone, as Long pointed out. Then again, considering Carolina led the NFL in scoring and Newton is a borderline lock to win MVP, that's probably easier said than done.

The two players also served up some knowledge on geography and gold-flaked pizza. Because, you know, apparently gold-flaked pizza is a thing that exists in 2016. You'll have to thank -- or blame -- Pizza Hut for that one.