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2016 Super Bowl: J.J. Watt gets quizzed, shows off ‘Full House’ knowledge

Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt appears on Answer the Question, shows off his vast '90s TV knowledge, his not-so-vast Coldplay knowledge, and more.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner, and so many star NFL players of the past and present are hanging around the Bay Area to soak it all in, including one J.J. Watt. You may know him as the unblockable defensive lineman for the Houston Texans -- a man who's the lone player in NFL history to record multiple 20-sack seasons and a guy who took home 2 Defensive Player of the Year awards by age 25.

But Watt is so much more than that -- appearing on Answer the Question, Watt had a chance to show that his knowledge base extends far beyond how to crush NFL offensive lines and keep offensive coordinators awake at night. It starts with some Full House and pop culture questions before speculating as to how SIlicon Valley got its name before wrapping up with a Peyton Manning impersonation. With the exception of not being able to name any Coldplay songs (come on, Watt!), he did awesome, just like he does at everything.