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Former Broncos RB Montee Ball arrested after allegedly pushing his girlfriend into a table

The victim suffered a cut on her leg and a bump on the back of her head.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Former Denver Broncos running back Montee Ball was arrested on Friday, Feb. 5, after allegedly pushing his girlfriend into a table at a hotel, according to Bill Novak of Ball was taken to the Dane County Jail in Madison, Wis. on a tentative charge of substantial battery, per the report.

Deadspin obtained the police report of the incident and revealed details of what the victim alleged took place. She stated to police that the incident occurred several hours after an argument that started when Ball told her he would be spending the evening with a friend and several other females.

Ball came back to her hotel room when his night was over and allegedly confronted the victim. From the report:

[Victim] stated that when Ball had entered, he was intoxicated and he was upset. [Victim] stated to me that she knew something like this was going to happen and that she was fearful for what may happen. While she was retreating further back into the bedroom toward the bed furthest from the door, [victim] stated that she told Ball, "You're scaring me." [Victim] further advised that she was previously in an abusive relationship and she was able to see signs of what could happen.

The victim had a cut on her right leg and a bump on the back of her head, according to the police report. She also had a bruise on her upper right lip that she said she sustained when, on the prior Monday, Ball backhanded her after she told him to curb his spending habits. The victim told police that the week of the incidents marked the first time that Ball had committed physical abuse since their relationship began in September 2015.

When police talked to Ball, he admitted that "things had gotten a little physical" after he returned to the hotel. Ball said that he pushed the victim away during the argument. He said that the victim had never struck or attacked him during their relationship.

The victim told police that Ball has been struggling with personal issues, and that he typically resorts to verbal abuse after drinking alcohol. When Ball returned to the hotel, he allegedly brought up the abuse she suffered in a past relationship.

[Victim] stated that when Ball was in the room, he had made a statement to her to the effect of, "I understand why your old boyfriend put his hands on you. I'm having a hard time not putting my hands on you now."

Ball, 25, was drafted in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Broncos. He was a surprise cut prior to the 2015 season. He was picked up by the New England Patriots in December and spent the remainder of the season on their practice squad. In 21 games in 2013 and 2014, Ball rushed for 731 yards and five touchdowns at 4.2 yards per carry.

The Patriots released Ball in the wake of the arrest.