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2016 Super Bowl: Randall Cobb shares Marshawn Lynch’s love of Skittles

Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb joins SB Nation to play a round of Answer The Question and shows that Marshawn Lynch isn't the only NFL player who has a passion for Skittles.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

When you think of Skittles and NFL players, Marshawn Lynch is probably the first name that comes to mind. He's not the only great athlete with a sweet tooth, though. Packers receiver Randall Cobb stopped by Answer The Question with SB Nation during Super Bowl week to discuss a variety of topics, including his Skittles of choice.

Cobb is a smart man because he knows that tropical Skittles, which come in a light blue package, are the best. While we can all surely agree that any sugary, fruit, chewy candy is delicious, Cobb shows he's a true Skittles connoisseur by eschewing the original red package. Now it seems like just a matter of time before we end up seeing Lynch and Cobb in a commercial together.

The star wideout from Green Bay also tried -- to varying degrees of success -- to answer some questions about geography, "Full House" and Coldplay. But we all know candy is the No. 1 priority in life anyway.