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2016 Super Bowl: Jerry Rice and Steve Young insist that the big game is in San Francisco

The legendary QB/WR duo team up once again to have loads of fun answering some trivia. Highlights include Steve Young using his law degree to defend the notion that San Francisco is an acceptable answer for the location of Super Bowl 50, stating that Mrs. Doubtfire was the uncle in "Full House," and an actual stanky leg sighting in 2016.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

Media Day could never be the same after Hall of Famers Steve Young and Jerry Rice stop by the greatest and funniest game show to ever grace the Super Bowl — Answer The Question. Talking Super Bowl location, Full House, Silicon Valley, and Peyton Manning's aching bones, these San Francisco legends are looking quite sharp as they rep Van Heusen.

While the stats from Young's playing days are what kids in Pop Warner can only dream to achieve some day, Steve is admittedly not the star when it comes to game shows, having appeared in four before this and never leaving victorious. Meanwhile, Jerry Rice was making his first appearance but you never would have known it by the swagger he brought to the set. After years away from the field, these teammates still have the chemistry in this ever-challenging mental struggle, the uphill battle that is Answer The Question.