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Super Bowl 2016 halftime show: Coldplay makes its Super Bowl debut with the help of Beyonce and Bruno Mars

Coldplay is staying mum about its set list, but the band will be joined by two past Super Bowl performers.

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The stage is set for Coldplay to make its Super Bowl debut on Sunday as the headline performance during halftime of Super Bowl 2016. There is always a lot of pressure to headline the Super Bowl halftime with more than 100 million people watching. This year comes with even more pressure as it will be a challenge to follow in the footsteps of Katy Perry who put on a very memorable and well received performance last year.

Fortunately, Coldplay will have plenty of support from a pair of seasoned Super Bowl performers. The British band will be joined with guest appearances from Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Both have headlined Super Bowl halftimes before to positive reviews. The cameo appearance from Beyonce is a natural fit for this show because she also made a guest appearance on Coldplay's new album which figures to be prominently featured during the show.

Although the music is the biggest draw of a halftime show, it goes well beyond that. Super Bowl halftimes are rarely just a musician singing. They are a complex production. Wardrobe changes, stage changes, flair and even fireworks are a standard part of the show. It remains to be seen what Coldplay will have in store, but the general theme is the feeling of hope and optimism, according to lead singer Chris Martin.

"That's what I think we're trying to celebrate at this halftime show," Martin said. "And the game kind of celebrates people's dreams, doesn't it?"

The performance will also include an appearance from a youth orchestra, so it will definitely not be short of performers. One thing it will be lacking is sharks. A year after Perry made Left Shark an Internet sensation, Martin said Coldplay's show will not include any "shark-based trauma."

With the performers well known and even a general theme in place, one of the biggest mysteries of the show will be the set list. Coldplay has a number of popular songs to pull from and both Mars and Beyonce have countless hits. With Beyonce making an appearance on Coldplay's song "Hymn for the Weekend" that would seemingly be a lock to be included. But Martin said that the song will not be part of the halftime performance, though he may have been just messing with reporters.

A Super Bowl halftime show can be a daunting task for even the most accomplished musicians. And it's one that will come with immediate reviews, good or bad. A great show could springboard Coldplay to new levels of success, especially with a new album and new tour. A bad show and this may be the only Super Bowl performance they make. It won't be long until the reviews are in with the Super Bowl just a day away. The game is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 p.m. ET with halftime likely to occur sometime around 8:30 p.m.

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