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2016 Super Bowl: Anquan Boldin knows his Full House trivia

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin partakes in some trivia and answers questions about the Super Bowl 50 location, Full House, and talks about the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

He has a Super Bowl victory to his name, countless receiving accolades, and has even become a household name — but just because you have won a ring doesn't mean you're going to get any special treatment when you enter the cutthroat arena of Answer The Question. This fast paced, laughter inducing, breeding ground for champions was by no means too much for Anquan Boldin to throw down against as he weaved his way downfield against a barrage of hard hitting questions.

Of course he knew his trivia when it came to The City by the Bay, but it didn't stop there as this sharp dressed man showed why he was a finalist to be the Walter Payton Man of the Year. Whether or not he remains in the Bay Area in 2016, he sure seemed to be comfortable under the bright lights and vicious challenges on the set of Answer The Question.