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2016 Super Bowl: Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner compete against each other in trivia

RIchard Sherman and Bobby Wagner are teammates with the Seattle Seahawks -- but they're opponents in this intense round of Answer the Question.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

While the Seattle Seahawks are attempting to build a dynasty on the football field, they might want to dedicate some time in practice to working on their game show abilities. Defensive teammates Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner square off and are hitting each other harder than they did during this year's Pro Bowl. He's hard, he's icy, he's a lockdown corner and frustrates wide receivers across the league, but deep down, he loves Pokemon just like the rest of us. Sherman is representing everyone's favorite anime franchise as he celebrates their 20th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Bobby Wagner is representing BodyArmor SuperDrink, which kept him hydrating, calm, and cool as he handled the hard hitting questions from host Dan Rubenstein. Was it enough for him to conquer his teammate in the bloodbath that is Answer The Question? Enjoy this round to find out which Seahawk held their own at the podium, and which one would go running off unable to handle the heat.