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Brett Favre's Hall of Fame case didn't even last 10 seconds

That was fast.

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Typically, the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction process is an arduous one. Committee members present their cases for players, coaches or owners, and the voters can spend a long, long time debating the merits of each individual. Earlier on Saturday, the Houston Chronicle's John McClain illustrated how exhausting this process can be.

As one specific example, take former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., who was eventually inducted after nearly an hour of deliberation.

That seems about right, since these choices have to be weighed carefully and -- wait, six seconds for Brett Favre? Is there even enough time to cast a vote in that span?

In case you thought this was hyperbole, Gosselin's initial estimate apparently isn't that far off.

Yes, Favre was the biggest slam-dunk candidate in this year's Hall of Fame class. Maybe the committee realized that, too. So we're guessing one voter got up, just said "Brett Favre" and everyone quickly nodded their heads and moved on.

Presumably they had a longer debate on whether the ol' Gunslinger could give it another go and show these kids a thing or two.

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