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Here’s how expensive the beer is at the Super Bowl

Well, it IS the big game. And don't think you'll save much by sticking with water.

As it turns out, buying beer at one of the biggest sporting events of the year in the newest stadium in the NFL isn't exactly cheap. Nothing else is very cheap either. A draft beer will set you back $13 or $15, depending on which size you get. A glass of wine is also $15.

Skipping the alcohol won't save you much. A "souvenir soda" is $10. Gatorade is a mere $7. The biggest crime of all: a bottle of water is $7.

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Of course, if you managed to acquire a ticket to the big game, then money probably isn't your biggest concern unless you're a wayward Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers fan who sold everything they had just to make it to this game. If that's the case, well, Levi's Stadium has many drinking fountains situated around the concourses ... have fun with those.

Beer being pricey at Levi's Stadium (or at sporting venues in general) isn't exactly a revelation. The stadium opened in 2014 and they were charging as much as $10.25 for regular beers in their first season. When the 2015 season was set to get underway, the 49ers announced a small price drop down to $10.

Last year, a "premium bottled beer" would run you $13 at the Super Bowl, and the year before that, beer cost $14.

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