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Super Bowl 2016 recipes: Food ideas, appetizers, snacks for your Super Bowl party

Strap on the feedbag, it's Super Bowl Sunday!

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When you're an on-the-go man of the work-at-home world like myself, it can be tough to find to the time to plan for even a simple breakfast. I can't even imagine planning for a Super Bowl party, which is literally the Super Bowl of snacking. There's menu planning, all the shopping to do, brines, rubs, grinds, chopping things, cooking, assembling ... (that's the same thing that goes into making spicy #content for the Internet, too).

But maybe there's a way for fellow procrastinators to enjoy the spread since you spent your Saturday dining at the buffet of life. The best way? Find someone else who really enjoys doing all of that stuff and get invited to their party. Bring a drink, and don't skimp on it.

While you're casually sticking your foot in the door of that person's hospitality, you could gently nudge their menu selections. None of this veggie tray crap. Featured below are a few suggestions you might consider offering your kind host, with a video to pique their interest.

Or maybe you messed up, you don't have any friends. There are some things you should probably work on if that's the case. But in the meantime, maybe you could try cooking your own Super Bowl snacks. Who knows, it might just make you less of a miserable heel.

(My personal favorite chicken wings recipe comes via Kansas City's own Blog Father, Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride. This is definitely one you could throw together at the last minute with a quick trip to the store).

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