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Super Bowl score by quarter: Broncos lead Panthers 13-7 at halftime

The first half is over, and here's who won the first stage of your party squares game.

The first half of Super Bowl 50 is in the books, and the Denver Broncos lead the Carolina Panthers 13-7. This means that anyone who has the numbers 3 for the Broncos and 7 for Carolina in your Super Bowl squares pool gets to take home the halftime pot.

Of course, given how these things usually work, it's likely that some uncle of yours who thinks the most exciting part of the game is the commercials is the one taking home the halftime prize. Don't get discouraged, though. There are still two more quarters to go, which means plenty of opportunities to win back that money your spouse didn't want you to bet in the first place.

For a quick refresher, the typical squares game has payouts at the end of each quarter, and some square masters like to up the payout for the halftime and final scores. There's even a strategy for playing this game, albeit not a very complex one.