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Super Bowl 2016 halftime score: Broncos take 13-7 lead into the half

The Broncos have a 13-7 lead going into the second half of Sunday's Super Bowl.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos had their high points and low points in the second quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl, but the latter team went into halftime with a 13-7 lead. Both Carolina and Denver had rough turnovers -- a Mike Tolbert fumble and a Peyton Manning interception at the hands of Kony Ealy -- to keep the second quarter from being as one-sided as the first was.

The second quarter started with the Panthers already in the middle of an extended drive, their first momentum of the game. The quarter ended after a 20-yard Corey Brown reception, and the Panthers also got 23 yards out of Cam Newton on two quarterback runs.

Another big chunk of yardage came when Greg Olsen caught a 19-yard pass, and when Aqib Talib was flagged for a face mask penalty, his second penalty of the game. Jonathan Stewart then powered in a 1-yard touchdown, and Talib was called for an offsides penalty, his third of the game, on the extra point attempt. The attempt was good and the Panthers trailed by three points early in the second.

The Broncos were unable to do anything on their next drive, punting it away after a three-and out, and the Panthers followed with a punt of their own shortly after. But the Broncos continued to get breaks from things other than their offense, as Jordan Norwood fielded a punt and took it deep into Carolina territory, all the way to the 14-yard line. It was a 61-yard punt return, the longest in Super Bowl history.

Carolina got a break, though, as they held strong and the Broncos committed a bad holding penalty, forcing them to settle for another field goal from Brandon McManus. The attempt was good, though, and the Broncos took a 13-7 lead with the second half fast approaching.

Carolina started driving, aided by yet another personal foul penalty called on the Broncos, but running back Tolbert fumbled the ball for the second time of the day. The first one was recovered by the Panthers, but the second one was scooped up by the Broncos. Unfortunately, Manning tossed an interception and the scoring was non-existent for the rest of the half.