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Marshawn Lynch retired during the Super Bowl in the most perfect way possible

Marshawn Lynch has reportedly told close friends he plans to retire. He may have just told the rest of the world too.

Lynch has never been fond of talking to the media. A huge press conference that allows him to announce the news and reflect on his career was never going to be his style. A pair of cleats on a power line is about the most Marshawn way of announcing his retirement. Even right down to the timing. Lynch doesn't need a spotlight. There are 120 million people watching the Super Bowl and amid it all, he just posts a photo, an emoji and that's it.

While the message might look cryptic enough to have some questioning whether it actually means Lynch is retiring, Richard Sherman removed any doubt.

The Seahawks also seemed to confirm the news.

Lynch earned the nickname "Beastmode" for his running style. He gained 9,112 yards during his nine-year career and probably broke just as many tackles in the process. Whether it was the most exciting four-yard run you'll see or his more famous runs, Lynch was always a spectacle when he touched the ball. His most famous play became known as the "BeastQuake" but it was only one of a host of memorable plays.

Lynch started his career in Buffalo after being selected by the Bills in the first round. After four seasons, he was traded to Seattle, where his career soared to another level. Lynch was the foundation of Seattle's success. He ran for at least 1,200 yards in four-straight seasons, becoming arguably the best running back in the NFL in the process.

There was speculation Lynch might retire following last season. He eventually came back and played one last season before deciding to walk away.

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