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Super Bowl 2016 MVP: Von Miller picks up top honor

Von Miller had two turnovers and was the clear MVP for the Broncos in their Super Bowl victory over the Panthers.

Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller has become the second defensive player in three years to be named Super Bowl MVP after his team defeated the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Miller had a huge game for the Broncos and limited a Carolina offense that ranked first in the league in scoring during the regular season.

Miller finished the game with 2.5 sacks, and on two of his sacks he made huge, huge plays by stripping Cam Newton of the football, resulting in a turnover. The first one was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown, and the second one late in the fourth quarter essentially iced the game for the Broncos. Miller stripped the ball and T.J. Ward managed to get the fumble recovery.

Going into the game, the rhetoric was all about Denver's top defense against Carolina's top offense and what would happen when the two forces met. The Panthers had varying degrees of success throughout the game, but one constant was Miller always on the assault, dragging down Cam Newton multiple times alongside DeMarcus Ware.

That's the second of Miller's forced fumbles, the one that sealed the game with under five minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Denver was able to make it a two-score game after that possession and Miller was essentially guaranteed the MVP honor at that point. On a crucial third down on the ensuing Panthers possession, Miller forced Newton out of the pocket and almost got a safety. Carolina ended up punting.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith took the MVP honors in Super Bowl XLVIII, but before him there was a large gap of 10 offensive players getting the honor. Those 10 players included seven quarterbacks and three wide receivers. Quarterback Tom Brady won the honor last year.

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