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Cam Newton fumbled and didn't try to jump on it in the biggest play of the Super Bowl

A disappointing moment on a disappointing night for the NFL's MVP.

Von Miller has probably won the Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos. For the second time, Miller stripped the ball from Cam Newton, leading to a turnover that allowed the Broncos to score a game-sealing touchdown.

Miller's first sack led to a defensive touchdown, Denver's first of the game. The second put Denver a few yards away from its second touchdown, which allowed the Broncos to go up by two scores with three minutes to go.

The lasting image that will stick in many people's heads is that Newton didn't fully commit to recovering the fumble:

I can't explain what's going on in Newton's head in the split-second when he decides not to dive for the ball. I don't know what could possibly have convinced him not to go full-speed ahead on a pivotal play in the biggest game of his life. Maybe he decided he didn't have a chance to recover the ball as DeMarcus Ware got a hand on it? Maybe he thought the ball was going to pop out somewhere else? Maybe it was just a plain business decision. But it does look like in that split-second, he decided to pull up and away instead of going toward the ball.

It seems strange that Newton, who uses his body as a weapon more than any quarterback in the NFL, would shy away from contact at such a pivotal moment. Newton has faced many criticisms over the years, but rarely has anybody seen him avoid physical pain. But on a night when he was brutalized over and over by the Broncos pass rush, maybe he decided he'd had enough.

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