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Bill Romanowski had the worst tweet about Cam Newton

Cam Newton draws criticism from all angles unlike few other athletes. People seem to enjoy watching him fail. So it was only natural the critics would be out in full force after the Panthers lost Super Bowl 50. At the same time, Bill Romanowski is well-known for being a terrible human. So, obviously those two paths crossed on Sunday night and this was the result.


People complaining about Newton's attitude is simply low hanging fruit. His attitude is bad. He has too much fun. He dances too much. Rinse and repeat. Romanowski made sure to add a tinge of racism to the tweet as well.

While terrible, it also comes as no surprise. Remember, this is a person who once spit in the face of an opponent and even had some of his own teammates speak out against him and call the actions racist. This also isn't the first time Romanowski has spoken out against Newton. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Romanowski said he would try to injure Newton when asked whom he'd rather hit, Newton or Peyton Manning.

"Are you kidding me? I'd hit [Newton] as hard as I possibly could, and probably at the bottom of the pile I'd try to get him by the neck and choke him," Romanowski said, via Bleacher Report. "Hopefully he can't breathe for a long time."

Romanowski is a well-established jerk and Newton is an easy target. Of course, it was all just a big misunderstanding.