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Peyton Manning earned back all of his $4 million paycut with Super Bowl win

After taking a $4 million paycut last year, Manning made $2 million for each win in the Super Bowl and AFC Championship.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a pretty good day for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. His team won Super Bowl 50, he earned his second Super Bowl ring and if he chooses to retire, he managed to go out in the best way possible. Oh, and he made back every cent he gave up when he restructured his contract back in March 2015.

Manning agreed to a $4 million pay cut to free up cap space for the team, though that money was reapplied to his deal in incentives. Among those incentives was a $2 million bonus for leading the Broncos to an AFC Championship title and a $2 million bonus for pulling out the win in Sunday's game at Levi's Stadium against the Carolina Panthers.

Obviously, Manning is one of the highest-paid players in the league and has had plenty of lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career. He is pretty tight with Papa John, after all.

Money probably isn't one of his main concerns and he will treasure the Super Bowl ring and the satisfaction of delivering a Lombardi Trophy to the Broncos and their fans a lot more than he will a $4 million bonus. After redoing his deal, Manning had a base salary of $15 million this past season, the same he had with Denver over the past two years. He made $18 million with them back in 2012, his first year with the team.

But $4 million is still $4 million. That's a pretty sweet check to receive, especially if it was his last NFL game.

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