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This video might explain why Cam Newton walked out of his press conference

Chris Harris happily talking about shutting down Cam Newton was right next to the MVP's press conference.

Cam Newton drew criticism for walking out during his postgame press conference without cooperating much with the media, but another angle shows that he had to listen to Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris happily talk about shutting down the NFL's MVP.

In a video posted by, Harris can be heard at a nearby podium talking about Denver's strategy to slow Newton and force him to throw.

"That was the whole gameplan," Harris can be heard telling reporters. "Load the box, force them to throw the football. That was the game plan. Load the box, one-on-one man on the outside."

Newton finished the game with 18 completions on 41 attempts for 265 yards, no touchdowns and an interception against the Broncos defense. Harris contributed one of seven sacks for the Denver defense and said after the game that he had no clue that he could be heard by Newton during his press conference.

Ultimately, the fact that Newton had to hear Harris isn't going to make people excuse his premature departure during his postgame press conference, but it certainly provides more context for the uncomfortable end to the MVP's bad night.