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2016 Super Bowl: Allen Robinson knows the only way to stop Cam Newton's dancing

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson joins SB Nation for a round of "Answer the Question" to answer trivia on geography, music, and "Full House."

Most people think it's cool for a receiver to haul in 1,400 yards. Adding 14 touchdowns to that is not too shabby either. And to do that at the tender age of 22, pretty solid. But until those type of numbers get you onto a game show, they don't really mean much.

Allen Robinson has finally been validated as he makes his inaugural appearance on Answer The Question -- the toughest, the funniest, the most exhilarating game show this side of the Mississippi. It doesn't matter if it's Coldplay, Silicon Valley, or knowing the secret to keeping Cam Newton dabless.

On top of that he was the 2015 Vizio Top Value Performer award winner, which is awarded to the player whose performance blew away all expectations. Check out his performance on Answer The Question and compare him to other contestants from this year to see if he should win the ATQ Top Value Performer as well.