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2016 Super Bowl: Terrell Owens' Southern accent nearly costs him in trivia

Terrell Owens, a man who resides in the top-3 all-time in career receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, decides to join SB Nation four a round of "Answer the Question" to show off his knowledge of food, Coldplay, and Peyton Manning impersonations.

Few contestants can match his statistics, and many in the public will argue that Terrell Owens should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer. No one, however, will make the case that he has butter fingers — that is, unless you are referring to the delicious candy bar that he is representing in his custom 81 jersey.

Could the sweets be a distraction when he enters the arena for a round of the most raucous, the most tantalizing, the most emotional game show at the Super Bowl — Answer The Question? He put up some serious numbers in his 15 NFL seasons — over 1,000 receptions, nearly 16,000 yards, 153 touchdowns — but has that led to the mental prowess to handle the hard hitters from our host Dan Rubenstein? Get your popcorn ready and find out as T.O. himself, a game show veteran, graces the stage of Answer The Question.