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2016 Super Bowl: Jason Witten has fun imitating fellow Volunteer Peyton Manning

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten joins SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to partake in some trivia and have some fun at Peyton Manning's expense.

The man has over 1,000 career catches. He has played in 154 consecutive games. He has missed only one game in his career, and that came after a broken jaw his rookie year. And now, he can add one game show appearance to his list of accomplishments.

The man described is Jason Witten, tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, who just may be on his way to the Hall of Fame. Until then, he deserves credit for knowing more about Coldplay than your average ball player and can still snag a ball or two. On top of that, he happened to attend the University of Tennessee, who will be playing Virginia Tech next season in Bristol in front of 150,000 fans at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I suppose that's a big crowd, but it could never compare to the excitement, the danger, the spectacle that is Answer The Question.