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2016 Super Bowl: former Baylor star WRs Terrance Williams and Kendall Wright reunite

Last we saw Kendall Wright and Terrance Williams together, they tore up the Big 12 for over 2,600 yards and 25 TDs in 2011. Now, they've joined SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to attack some trivia with the same gusto.

Waco, Texas, felt the ground shake when former Baylor Bears wide receivers Terrance Williams and Kendall Wright stop by the beefiest, the brutalist, the tastiest game show on radio row — Answer The Question. The sure-handed Tennessee Titan knows how to elude receivers, but he was not shying away from trivia contact as he put that Baylor education to use.

Meanwhile, Terrance Williams is known for improvising on the fly as a play breaks down, which he made sure to put to good use as he thought on his feet — despite mixing up the difference between silicon and silicone. But hey, don't we all? How would these former teammates fare when not playing on the same team? You will have to watch to find out who prevails and who brings shame to their family in this knock down, drag out, full on bloodbath of a session that is Answer The Question.