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2016 Super Bowl: Melvin Gordon knows the only way to stop Cam Newton's dancing

San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon joins SB Nation for a round of Answer The Question to show off his knowledge of food, geography and how to get Cam Newton to stop dancing.

Melvin Gordon had a record-setting career at the University of Wisconsin before becoming a first round pick of the San Diego Chargers in 2015, but surviving the pressure of a round of Answer the Question (his first ever appearance on a game show) is as impressive a feat as there is out there.

We can safely say that Gordon clearly is on top of his geography as he was able to avert an attempt at a trick question while calmly navigating the rough, rapid speed trivia waters that AtQ presents. Plus he knows the only way Cam Newton can be stopped from dabbin' on folks -- and, as an NFL running back, displayed his ability to quickly think on his feet when tasked with impersonating AFC West rival Peyton Manning. Check out the full episode to see all of the hard-hitting trivia that Dan Rubenstein had to offer the Bolts' second-year back.