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Von Miller is about to be the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL

Once he and the Broncos get a new contract done.

VON MILLER'S CONTRACT: Von Miller contract talks stall, Broncos will use franchise tag. That's not a huge surprise, considering his value to the team. It also gives the two sides more time to hammer out a contract without the lure of free agency being a distraction. Miller can easily command the kind of money Ndamukong Suh got in free agency last year, probably more.

SUPER BOWL PARADE: Broncos Super Bowl parade in Denver scheduled for Tuesday. The Broncos are bringing the Lombardi back home. The parade starts at 12 p.m. ET.

FREE AGENCY: Teams started releasing players on Monday, with early cuts including Eagles WR Riley Cooper and Saints guard Jahri Evans.

WHAT THE BRONCOS WERE BUILT TO DOWade Phillips' Broncos defense did exactly what it was built to do. The Broncos learned a lesson in their last trip to the Super Bowl: a great defense can take you places.

DISAPPEARING CAMCam Newton wanted to disappear. He should have known he couldn't. Newton's reaction to Sunday's Super Bowl loss was the culmination of a long week in the spotlight that finally got to the Panthers quarterback.

PFT COMMENTERMMBM: If Peyton Manning doesn't return to defend his title, he's a coward. If you want to be elite, you have to defend your title, says world's hottest take artist, PFT Commenter.

PEYTON STEPS ASIDEPeyton Manning abandoned his instinct to help the Broncos win a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning has been the greatest quarterback in a generation. Now, he's just the most grateful.

MOCK DRAFT2016 NFL mock draft: Tackles and pass rushers in demand. All eyes are now on the draft, which is just over two months away.

SAD PANTHERSThis $1 Panthers Super Bowl champions pennant sums up the sadness of every Carolina fan. Oh what could have been.

MORE TROUBLE FOR SHADYVideo of alleged LeSean McCoy fight incident emerges. A warrant for McCoy's arrest is expected to be issued soon.

TRAILERSAll the movie trailers that debuted during the Super Bowl. Personally, I'm excited for Captain America: Civil War, but there were plenty of other movies being teased on Sunday.

FLYING WITH FOLESThe Eagles really might be interested in bringing back Nick Foles. The only question I have is: WHY?

BEST TV EVER: The top five post-Super Bowl TV shows of all time The best episode to air after the Super Bowl is one you might not remember.


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