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One more thing about Marshawn Lynch's retirement tweet

There's an interesting thing about the timing, and it can mean whatever you want it to or nothing at all.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch threw his cleats on a power line and called it a career. More specifically, he did so just after 9:45 p.m. ET, with this tweet.

I wondered why then, other than because nobody does news during the Super Bowl and Marshawn just doesn't care. But the timing was interesting for one other reason: It came right about the time -- actual time, not game time -- the Seahawks decided to pass instead of run, a year and a week earlier in Super Bowl 49.

That decision, which led to a Malcolm Butler interception that sealed the Patriots win, came just before 10 p.m. ET in Super Bowl XLIX. Marshawn's tweet would've come either just as, or just after, the Seahawks' final drive started.

This is the beauty of Marshawn Lynch, and how he operated until the very end. If you think Lynch is mad about the Super Bowl, this is evidence. If you think he just felt like it and doesn't put thought into things, this is also evidence. He's whatever you want him to be and you can project anything onto him, because he's never gonna tell you outright.

Of course, it's Marshawn Lynch. The likely answer to "why then?" is probably just "because."

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