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Joey Bosa knows his Coldplay, has his Peyton Manning impersonation down pat

Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa joins SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to partake in some trivia covering geography, music, and more.

Joey Bosa had a standout collegioate career at Ohio Sate that has him poised to become one of the first players off the board in the 2016 NFL Draft -- but does that leave him adequately prepared for the pressure of appearing on Answer the Question, the game show featuring plenty of hard-hitting questions and little mercy?

While his size, quickness, strength, and athleticism makes him an unstoppable force on the gridiron, those attributes won't bail him out here. Watch as Bosa handles questions on Coldplay or how to stop Cam Newton from dancing with the same ease with which he manhandles a University of Michigan offensive lineman.

The bottom line is, any way you slice it, Bosa was not intimidated in the least from Dan Rubenstein's rapid-fire trivia and showed the same poise, moxie, and focus that's gonna have him making offenses miserable for the next decade in the National Football League.