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All-Pro RB Doug Martin does a spot-on impression of Peyton Manning

Running back Doug Martin, coming off a wildly productive season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, joins SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to try his hand at trivia covering geography, fashion, movies, and more.

You might look at the season Doug Martin just had for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with over 1,400 rushing yards (for the second time in his career), nearly 5 yards per carry, earning a selection as a first-team All-Pro, etc. -- and come away impressed. But when it comes to appearing on a game show for the first time, that's a pressure that even superstar NFL players might not be accustomed to.

But with the same focus and intensity that leaves linebackers grasping at nothing but thin air when trying to tackle him, the Dougernaut stood tall amid the rapid-fire, hard-hitting trivia that Dan Rubenstein had lined up for him in the latest round of Answer the Question.

Whether it was identifying what city the Space Needle calls home, the key to stopping Cam Newton from dancing, or his impeccable impression of Peyton Manning, Martin more than held his own and can look back quite fondly on his game show debut.