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Bruce Smith goes on trivia show, tells NFL defenses the only way to stop Cam Newton from dancing

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith joins SB Nation for a round of Answer the Question to try his hand at some trivia covering geography, music, pop culture, and more.

If an NFL pass-rusher accumulates over 100.0 sacks in his career, you have a legend on your hands. It's something only 30 players in NFL history have accomplished -- so if you can somehow wrap your brain around the concept of an NFL player taking down quarterbacks TWO hundred times, you've got, well, Bruce Smith.

The NFL's all-time sack leader never came across an offensive tackle over his 19 years in the league that could slow him down, so he's moving on to a challenge far greater than destroying quarterbacks: a round of Answer the Question with Dan Rubenstein. Smith, making his debut on a game show, fielded hard-hitting trivia covering a wide array of topics from movies to music to geography and more.

Despite it being Smith's first ever experience dealing with the pressures of a game show, his effort was admirable as he calmly navigated the rocky waters that AtQ contestants inevitably come across.