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Peyton Manning reportedly wants to keep playing

The question is: does any team want him?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Schefter joined Mike and Mike on Tuesday morning and shared a rather interesting and surprising update on Peyton Manning. "He'd like to keep playing, in a perfect world he'd like to keep playing," Schefter said. "The question is who's going to give him an opportunity and it's tough to identify that team right now that's willing to sign him to a deal that makes worth while for him, that allows him to keep playing."

The Broncos are doing everything they can to keep Brock Osweiler, and the assumption is that they'll cut Manning by March 8, the day before his $19 million contract for 2016 becomes full guaranteed. Schefter added that unless Denver loses Osweiler this offseason Manning's time with the Broncos has come to an end.

The Rams have reportedly discussed adding Manning, but that, according to Schefter, is off the table. The same thing goes for Houston.

Schefter also said that numerous teams have reached out to Manning and offered him jobs within their front offices. The TV networks have also come calling and one, according to Schefter, has already offered Manning a role as a color commentator.

"I think he'd like to continue playing given the choice," Schefter said, "but right now it's tough to see that choice identifying itself that would be an obvious match for both sides.

Manning, 39, threw just nine touchdowns last season compared to 17 interceptions and completed less than 60 percent of his passes.

There's also the question of whether Manning would face discipline from the NFL for reportedly having human growth hormone sent to his wife, a claim which was leveled at him by an Al Jazeera report in December but which Manning denied. In January the NFL said that it was conducting its own investigation into the matter. No findings have been announced.

There are also questions about the eventually-settled sexual harassment claim against him from 1996. The details of that case have become news again in the wake of Manning's Super Bowl run and a Title IX case against the University of Tennessee being brought by eight female Tennessee students who allege they were sexually assaulted by current and former UT athletes.

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