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Here are all of the emails angry people sent to the FCC about Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance

Apparently, not everybody liked it!

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Roughly a gazillion people watch the Super Bowl every year, and if tons of people all watch something, you can bet that something on TV will make lots of people mad. This year's Super Bowl was no different. Per an Open Records Request filed by SB Nation, enough people filed angry complaints to the FCC about the Super Bowl broadcast to fill 47 pages of emails, which you can read below.

While a few emails expressed concern over the quality of closed captioning, the majority of the emails came from folks expressing concern over Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime performance. Some of these complained because of the sexually suggestive lyrics, or her dance moves, or the political nature of the performance, or some combination thereof.

Here's a sampling of what folks were angry about. For example, here's an email from a person that doesn't have kids, but is very worried about what the kids might think.

I'm writing to voice my displeasure of the naked Beyonce aired at the end of the Super Bowl 50 half-time show. It wasn't technically part of the show but was the first thing shown afterward. Has CBS no respect for all the families with younger children that watch football, let alone the biggest football game of the year? That suggestive video clip would gain at least a "PG13" rating in a movie. It wasfar more suggestive than Janet Jackson's stunt where she at least still had something on. What's the message sent to all millions of young boys and girls who watch? I don't have kids but know many who do and know they are shocked when this type of ad content is shown during a family friendly  program. It's one thing to show this during adult-oriented programming where parents wouldn't have  it on in the first place, but with football, they don't have time to react and change the channel. Super Bowl ads are the best ads of the year as many families watch the Super Bowl just for the ads.

Unfortunately though, CBS couldn't resist selling one 15-second slot with a naked woman to earn a few more dollars.

Here's one from a group concerned about "racist hand jesters":

Beyonce was making racist hand jesters during her performance during the super bowl half time show. Our group will be keeping track of this complant.

Not every email about the halftime show was upset over Beyoncé's performance. One viewer was mad about somebody who didn't even perform.

Year after year after year we are subjected to Cock Grabs at the halftime televised show at the Super  Bowl. I thought with Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce this would be the first year without. But, no! They just had to include a video of Michael Jackson grabbing his dick! When is this going to end FCC? It's sick!

Here's an email from an individual concerned about the wardrobe choices, political themes and the fact that Beyoncé didn't play her most popular songs.

Up until last night, I was a fan of Beyonce. I am complaining about her Super Bowl performance for 2 reasons. The first is that I thought her attire was inappropriate for a family event (specifically the fishnet stockings and garter). Why is it that all of the women were scantily clad and the men were not? This was a horrible thing for my young daughter to see. I also oppose the message of her song/performance in that I think it will push more people to be on a witch hunt for police officers. If the main halftime performer and the 2nd one (Coldplay and Bruno Mars) performed their hits, why did 
Beyonce get away with not performing one of hers? Thank you.

This starts out as a decent critique of the truthfulness of wireless ads, and then escalates very quickly.

I was struck by a Verizon commercial during the Super Bowl with Verizon touting their larger bandwidth by showing lots of animated people all trying to get through a small door at once, then showing how many more could go through a larger door. This made me think about Verizon, T-mobile and other Internet Service Providers recent scheme to cap bandwidth and then allow certain types of data to pass through without effecting that cap, often termed 'zero-rating' implying that data has zero impact on your cap. Isn't this simply a form of discrimination, e.g., this data doesn't cost you extra but this other data does. The analogy that came to me after watching the commercial was what if all the animate white people could pass through the door free but the black and brown people had to pay a toll? Isn't that the same as the zero rating policy? And how does that jibe with net neutrality where all data is supposed to be treated equally? And where does zero rating lead us (us as in the people of the United States)? An internet where only the information / data that ISPs deem acceptable is allowed to pass over their networks? Or only the information or data that pays or strikes a deal with the internet service providers is allowed to pass over their networks? Other data, black, brown or unable to pay for zero rating will be charged, throttled, congested? There have been enough studies showing that the service providers are not doing this to manage bandwidth, there's more than enough bandwidth, they are doing it solely for profit? Should service providers be able to profit from discrimination?I strongly urge the FCC to step-up and put an end to zero rating

Not every Super Bowl commercial gets broadcast nationally. Sometimes, businesses buy ads that are only seen by certain markets, and it appears that Omaha was subjected to a particularly stupid ad for a medical clinic that treats erectile dysfunction. Two of the emails complained about this commercial.

This commercial sends the message that the woman's husband had sex with her to the point where it caused her enough harm and pain to have her seek medical treatment. To me, this is to the point of promoting the abuse of women - and saying it is encouraged and even "medically approved". Here is the link to the commercial:

And finally, someone used the FCC complaint form to send a note to Deadspin:

No complaint at all, I just want to complain about how silly Deadspin will be about this.More importantly, stop hating on Cam. I know that your guys shit doesn't stink but enough is enough, any one of us would have done exactly what he did. Just be happy for Peyton and move on. We should all go back to hating Brady together (fuck the Pats, Samer).

Bring back Dickey

You can view all of the complaints below:

Super Bowl 50 Complaints