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Brock Osweiler somehow managed to piss off John Elway AND Matt Flynn

Wednesday's free agent moves came with a heaping helping of sour grapes.

John Elway sounded kind of mad about Brock Osweiler leaving. "We ultimately had to remain disciplined." The real takeaway here is Elway's little note of sour grapes in his statement. Osweiler's contract also has Matt Flynn going, and he knows a thing or two about big QB contracts!

Did Osweiler ditch the Broncos because he got benched in Week 17? The Texans' new quarterback has a gigantic chip on his shoulder, thanks to Gary Kubiak.

Osweiler meets the press in Houston. The Texans' prize free agent acquisition is now in the city he'll call home. See what he had to say in an impromptu media session at the airport.

Dominoes! Houston's deal with Osweiler is all set to launch a chain reaction that will change the NFL landscape.


The Chiefs got hit HARD for allegedly tampering in free agency last year. Losing a third- and a sixth-round pick is a big deal. Owner Clark Hunt, usually a reliable Goodell lieutenant, is pissed off and plans to appeal.

NFL had access to Chiefs phone, electronic records in tampering investigation. Wait, didn't they clean out Scott Pioli's bugs? Just kidding, the NFL went full big brother on their own.


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GRADING THE MOVES: Winners and losers from the first official day of NFL free agency. It's a really good day to be a Texans fan, who rebuilt their offense in a two-hour window on Wednesday with a mere $126 million worth of contracts. Know who else was a big winner? That's right, the Titans ... seriously. And for cosmic balance, the Browns were big losers.

WHEN THE DREAM ENDS: Retiring from the NFL is terrifying, especially if you're not ready to leave. "You can't be a football player outside of football," former Bengals running back Cedric Benson said. "Society doesn't understand a football player."

FREE AGENT TRACKEREvery major NFL free agent signing this offseason.

THE MAN WHO FOOLED EVERY NFL INSIDER: How a single Jaguars fan tricked ESPN into reporting a fake NFL rumor. This is a story of one man, a bad rumor and things going too far.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FREE AGENTSNFL free agents over 30 are people, too. The most influential free agent signings might just be the moves that don't generate splashy headlines.

KAM ON THE MOVE? Is Kam Chancellor on the trade block? Will Washington and Seahawks work out a deal to send Chancellor to the nation's capital?

GOOD GIANTSThe Giants are getting high marks for their free agent moves so far. Giants GM spent an obscene amount of money, but he got the Giants what they needed -- talent on the defensive side of the ball.

HOW DOES VERNON HELP THE GIANTS? What are the Giants getting for $85 million to Olivier Vernon? The Giants' pass rush should be a whole lot better this season. It ought to be for that kind of money.

CHASING VERNONThe Jets and Jaguars were serious contenders for Vernon, too. The MMQB details how it all went down.

STEEL CITY MADNESSThe Steelers are quietly having a really good run in free agency. Signing tight end Ladarius Green could really give an already high-flying offense even more UMPH.

GRONK, CHILDREN'S TV HOSTRob Gronkowski never thought he'd host a Nickelodeon show, yet here he is. The Super Bowl champion is now a kids' show host. He spoke with SB Nation about how he got here and what it's like to suddenly be a TV personality.

SCHEFTER IS JUST LIKE YOUTexting Adam Schefter is basically you at every family holiday but on live TV. Relatable.

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