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Winners and losers from Day 3 of NFL free agency

The Buccaneers finally made some moves and, imagine that, they were pretty good ones!

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The 2016 free agency period is winding down, though there are plenty of big-name players still on the open market at the time of writing this. Teams still have a lot of spots to fill before the NFL Draft and once said draft comes and goes, there should be another flurry of free agent activity.

Big questions remain regardless. The Denver Broncos traded for Mark Sanchez on Friday, but it's unlikely he will go into the season as the starter. Will the Broncos complete a trade for Colin Kaepernick, or will someone like the New York Jets sweep in and get a deal done, leaving Ryan Fitzpatrick up for grabs.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After being dormant for the first two days of free agency, the Buccaneers finally got in on the action and they did it with some big signings. The first was cornerback Brent Grimes, who landed a two-year contract worth $16.5 million. It's a lot of money to pay, but if Grimes is anywhere near the level he can play at, then the Buccaneers will be getting a good deal. The second was defensive end Robert Ayers, who will earn $21 million over three years.

Tampa Bay was mostly passive in free agency prior to this, having been in the conversation for Malik Jackson and a few other big fish. They haven't lost anybody significant, and their previous moves were the signing of J.R. Sweezy and the re-signing of Doug Martin and Keith Tandy. Ayers will come in and solidify their defensive line after breaking out with the New York Giants.

Seattle Seahawks: No, the Seahawks have not made any huge moves this offseason, not like the previous year. They made waves by trading for tight end Jimmy Graham in 2015, but have been much quieter this time around.

They have done a great job of keeping the band together over the years, and they made smart signings by re-upping with wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and cornerback Jeremy Lane. On Friday, they re-signed Jon Ryan, which may not seem like a huge deal but the Seahawks haven't had to actually worry about their special teams units in a very long time and that's because they keep them together. The only real loss was linebacker Bruce Irvin, who may have been overpaid by the Oakland Raiders.


The remaining wide receivers: The market for wide receivers is stagnant, and has been since the opening day of free agency. This was never a strong receiver class, but on Day 3, at the time of writing this, the only notable wide receiver signing was the offer sheet Chris Hogan signed with the New England Patriots. The Buffalo Bills neglected to match the offer, so Hogan -- who is raw potential and not much else at this point -- got a pretty good deal with $12 million going his way over the next three years.

It's hard to gauge what kind of market is even still there for the remaining receivers. Anquan Boldin, Marques Colston, Andre Johnson and Percy Harvin all likely feel like they have enough to offer next season, but none of them have received much interest. It's unclear if they will. Meanwhile, Mohamed Sanu remains the highest paid receiver to hit the market, having earned a $32.5 million deal from the Atlanta Falcons.

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