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Rams seem fine sticking with a QB group that threw 11 TDs last season

Case Keenum looks on track to be the Rams' starting quarterback in 2016 and the team isn't doing anything to change that.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams finished last in the NFL in passing yards in the team's last season in St. Louis and appeared, at least from a distance, to be one of the most quarterback-needy teams of the 2016 offseason. But the bound-for-Los Angeles team seems perfectly content to stick with the trio of Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Sean Mannion.

Granted, there wasn't a stacked group of free agents for the Rams to pursue, but when options like Brock Osweiler and Ryan Fitzpatrick hit the open market, the team turned up its nose. Robert Griffin III is reportedly interested in joining the Rams, but that feeling doesn't appear to be mutual.

Instead of going after these free agents, the Rams ensured no one could take one of their own, slapping a first-round tender on Keenum, forcing any team interested in signing the quarterback to hand over a first-round pick.

Earlier in March, Rams executive Kevin Demoff said his favorite free agent quarterback of 2016 is Keenum, although he admitted the team has been "really crappy in free agency" in the past. Through the first few days of the 2016 league year, the only moves the Rams have made is to re-sign a few of their own, although the team may have been able to haul in other teams' players if it wasn't for some reportedly shady and unethical contract offers.

Regardless, the Rams haven't seemed particularly interested in upgrading a position that was arguably its biggest weakness in 2015.

The team finished with 11 passing touchdowns. That's the lowest total for any team in the last three seasons.

Is that all Keenum's fault? Absolutely not. He finished with four touchdowns, one interception and an 87.7 passer rating in only six games, while Foles was the one who started the majority of the year and finished with seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. The Rams like Mannion's upside, according to Nick Wagoner of ESPN, and that means Foles is the most likely player on the outs if the team finds another quarterback to add to the fold.

And unless there's a sudden change of heart, the 2016 NFL Draft is the most likely way the Rams find another passer. Sitting with the No. 16 pick likely means the team won't get its first, or even its second choice, at the position. With a pair of second-round picks, thanks to the trade that sent Sam Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles, it's conceivable that the Rams could move up in the first round to nab a quarterback it covets.

But as of now, the Rams appear only to covet Keenum as the team's starter and Mannion as a developmental prospect.