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What's holding up the Colin Kaepernick trade?

The 49ers are still trying to deal their quarterback, but they aren't just going to give him away either.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Colin Kaepernick would rather play for the Broncos than the Browns or 49ers. Same. We're still waiting to see what happens on the Kaepernick trade front ... maybe Monday's the day? What's holding up the Kaepernick trade? Supposedly, there's some disagreement over the compensation; the 49ers are holding firm in their demand for a second-round pick. Some have reported that renegotiating Kaepernick's contract is also a stumbling block, but he is open to restructuring it.

MOCK DRAFT MONDAY2016 NFL mock draft: Free agency gives the top 10 a new look. A ton of big-money deals being handed out have shifted the draft, but a blockbuster trade caused the biggest change. We're keeping tabs on all the national mock drafts to give you an idea of who the experts are picking.

FREE AGENCY RECAPA very serious discussion recapping NFL free agency. We request a few minutes of your time to discuss the matter of free agency.

NO FITZ: Broncos will not be pursuing Ryan Fitzpatrick. The price is well above what the Denver Broncos would like to spend.


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SANCHEZ > PEYTON: It sounds funny, but Mark Sanchez is probably better for the Broncos than 2015 Peyton Manning. Hiring the Butt Fumble Man is not necessarily the death knell for Denver.

JETS LIKE RG3: Jets Impressed by Robert Griffin III. RG3 left his visit with the Jets without a contract, and he can probably expect other suitors once the Kaepernick trade happens.

CRAPPY RAMSRams seem fine sticking with a QB group that threw 11 TDs last season. Case Keenum looks on track to be the Rams' starting quarterback in 2016 and the team isn't doing anything to change that. At least they can acknowledge that they've been "really crappy" In free agency.

EAGLES AREN'T DONEPhiladelphia Eagles are looking to add a deep threat to their wide receiver corps. Who will the Birds bring in?

CHARGERS LAND A CORNERChargers agree to terms with CB Casey Hayward. This was a good score for the Chargers, at three years, $15.3 million. Hayward is primarily a slot corner, and is only 26.

PROVE-IT DEALS ARE BADPlayers keep screwing themselves over with 'prove it' deals. One-year, "prove it" contracts almost never work out for free agents looking to show they are worth more than teams think.

FIRED IN BUFFALOBuffalo Bills fire Karl Dunbar, defensive line coach. Rex Ryan picked a very odd time on the NFL calendar to make a highly notable change on his coaching staff, firing defensive line coach Dunbar on Sunday.

JUST FINE: NFL rescinded Mike Munchak's $10,000 fine. You know, the one the Steelers OL coach got for allegedly pulling Reggie Nelson's hair in one of those wild Bengals-Steelers games last season.

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