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Can Eric Weddle make the Ravens elite again?

The Ravens don't usually make big splashes in free agency, but they signed the top safety on the market this year with the hopes that his contributions go beyond the secondary.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

THE BEARD THAT SAVED BALTIMORECan Eric Weddle bring the Baltimore Ravens back to the glory days? The Ravens signed a safety and one of the best players on the free agent market. They're hoping that they got even more than that.

NEUTERING GOODELLNFL, NFLPA making progress toward deal on reducing Commissioner power, maybe. Don't hold your breath.

FREE AGENT POWERNFL Power Rankings 2016: The real winners from free agency. The dust has settled in NFL free agency and Danny Kelly's here to tell you which teams got better and which teams are going in reverse.

THIS GUY! Jon Gruden taught Carson Wentz about NFL quarterbacking by beating him with a pool noodle. Gruden has basically the best job in the world. He gets paid to watch football and sometimes dick around with quarterback prospects. Here is Gruden beating a possible first-round pick ...

DAN SNYDER'S MOATWashington actually wants people to surf in its proposed stadium's moat. Surfing? SURFING?

WHERE KAEP BELONGSWhere is the best landing spot for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick? Should Kaepernick join the Broncos, Browns or even stay with the 49ers?

BAD DRAFTHow the NFL’s worst teams repeatedly fail the draft. Let’s examine the trends and see what stands out.

RAJI ON HIATUSPackers DT B.J. Raji to take 'hiatus' from football. Veteran nose tackle B.J. Raji has stepped away from football, but he could play again in the future.

BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTTop NFL official acknowledges link between football-related head trauma and CTE for first time. The NFL, for the first time, acknowledged there is a link between football-related head trauma and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE.

SWING AND A MISS: The Jaguars spent $178.3M in free agency and still whiffed on their biggest need. After missing on Olivier Vernon and Robert Ayers in free agency, the Jaguars have no choice but to pursue other avenues to upgrade the pass rush.

BARGAIN HUNTERS: Bargain shoppers reigned supreme in NFL free agency last year. Free agency isn't where teams go to die, but being thrifty is still the way to go.

CHEAPSKATE PATS: Patriots can't afford to underpay their star players forever. Rob Gronkowski appeared to complain about his contract in a tweet last week. He kinda has a point.


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