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The Titans probably should have taken the Eagles' offer for Marcus Mariota

Reports surfaced this week about what Chip Kelly's Eagles were willing to give up damn near everything in order to trade up in the 2015 NFL Draft to get Marcus Mariota.

Chip Kelly was reportedly willing to trade everything but the kitchen sink to get Marcus Mariota. The Titans maybe should have considered this offer, if it's accurate. The package dwarfs what Washington gave the Rams to move up to the No. 2 pick in 2012. It makes you wonder what would have happened.

The Titans would have essentially remade their team with one deal, except for the blue chip QB. There's no guarantee that would have worked for them either. The Rams failed to get a QB after the RG3 trade. They still haven't had a winning record, and are already losing players they drafted that season.

For the Eagles, the risk was huge, the kind of deal that could have carved out a massive hole in the roster that would have taken years to fill. But, the Chip Kelly-Marcus Mariota reunion at the NFL level is enough to make you wonder if it might have been worth it.

WALKER HURT IN CRASH: Ravens cornerback Tray Walker is critically injured after dirt bike crash. Walker is in critical condition with very serious injuries from an accident in Miami, Fla. on Thursday evening.

RULES, RULES, RULES: The NFL is fine with its confusing catch rule. The league will tweak the rules on chop blocks and horse collars and institute an automatic ejection for players who get two personal fouls in single game, but no changes are coming on how to determine whether a player caught a football.


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TABLET VIEWING: NFL coaches want to watch video on sideline tablets. The NFL Competition Committee proposed a change to the bylaws that would allow this to happen. Maybe they should rethink that given the whole thing with the Surface tablets last season. Here are all 10 proposed bylaw changes.

HAND MAN: What's with Chip Kelly rubbing his hands together? Mad scientist? Concerned about dry skin?

WEIRD DEAL FOR OKUNG: Broncos sign Russell Okung to a five-year deal that's really a one-year deal. The Broncos will pay the left tackle $5 million this season with another $3 million possible through incentives. Then, they'll have the option for another four years at $12 million per season. This probably has a lot to do with Okung representing himself instead of using an agent.

ON THE BLOCK: Broncos trying to trade offensive tackle Ryan Clady. They were in contract talks, but those fell apart recently and the team signed Okung.

CJ2K BACK TO ARIZONA: Chris Johnson re-signs with the Cardinals on one-year deal to take care of "unfinished business." The Dolphins were interested, but fate doesn't seem interested in letting Miami get a running back this year.

VIKING BATTLE: The Vikings are going to have a right tackle battle. Former Bengals Tackle Andre Smith signed a one-year deal with the Vikings. He and Phil Loadholt will duke it out for the right tackle job.

CHARACTER CONCERNS: How NFL scouts view problem draft prospects. As is the case every year, questions surrounding off-field transgressions and other issues are dogging several prospects ahead of the draft. NFL scouts and personnel men share their views on four such players. Plus Pro Day notes, a mock trade and more.

KAEP TRADE COMING: Colin Kaepernick to Broncos "will happen, given time." Unless it won't.