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Give Marshawn Lynch his own travel show

Yes, this is a demand. Also, we have LOTS of free agent news and fallout from franchise tag Tuesday.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

TRAVEL BEASTMarshawn Lynch is sliding on staircase ramps in Egypt like he's a stuntman. Marshawn Lynch needs his own travel show. Beast Mode is in Egypt right now, teaching kids there how to play football and riding camels. Last year, he was in Turkey. So, here's what you do if you're a smart cable television exec (haha): find a solid co-host, maybe one with a food bend so you can have the exotic delicacies angle. Start booking those trips, and watch the ratings explode!

On to the news from a busy tag deadline Tuesday in the NFL.

TAGGEDVon Miller, Kirk Cousins headline $134 million day at the NFL franchise tag deadline. Ten players received some version of the franchise or transition tag before Tuesday's deadline.

FREE AGENT BROCK STAR: Brock Osweiler is expected to hit the market. If the Broncos and Osweiler can't get a deal done, he'll be one of the most prized players on the free agent market.

MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCEWhat Sam Bradford's new contract means for the Eagles. Is he a "win-now" kind of player? Will they still draft a QB? Lots of questions left to answer in Philly.

PEYTON WANTS TO PLAYPeyton Manning reportedly wants to keep playing. But who will have him? And can he even still play at an average QB level? Conventional wisdom is gelling around a Peyton-Rams marriage, which would be a very Jeff Fisher thing to do, kind of a like a luxury brand Kerry Collins at this point in his career.

WILLIAMS CUTThe Bills released Mario Williams on Tuesday, a move that was expected, but still surprising. He'll be a desirable free agent, and you have to wonder if a reunion with Jim Schwartz, now the defensive coordinator in Philly, is in the offing.

PRISONER OF GRONK ISLANDAdrift on the S.S. Gronk, where nothing bad can ever happen. Partying is only fun in Gronk's world. Bad things don't happen ... except for introspection.

BOSA IS NOT WATT: Joey Bosa might be a great pro, but he's no J.J. Watt. Nobody is. They're both strong, white "twitchy" defensive ends, but the comparisons should end there.

BEHIND THE SCENESWhat really happens when teams interview players at the combine? It's more than just Jeff Ireland asking players dirty questions about their mother. MMQB's Jenny Vrentas was inside the private room while one team grilled a quarterback in Indy this year.

DEFLATEGATE RETURNSTom Brady and the NFL are headed back to court this week. Did you really think Deflategate was over? HAHAHA.

GIANT CONFESSIONTom Coughlin admits Giants forced him out as coach. Tom Coughlin’s "resignation" as Giants head coach wasn’t really his decision after all.


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