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The police were called because Kam Chancellor looked in the window of a gym he wanted to buy

When Seattle safety Kam Chancellor isn't decimating running backs and wide receivers on the field, he spends some of his time helping run a women's fitness boot camp.

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The boot camp has traveled from city to city. Apparently, Chancellor is interested in buying a gym to host the boot camp, so he went to go check on a facility that was closed. When he arrived the place was closed, so like any person would do, he looked in the window. There were two employees inside and he tried to ask them for help. They responded by calling the police.

No really.

Police released the audio of the 911 call one of the employees made. In it, she called Chancellor and the four people he was with "bad news" and said they were pounding on the door and trying to break in.

"Yeah, they were trying to get us to open the door, asking us for information," the employee said via Komo News. "I don't know if they're, like, homeless kids, I know there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here - that used to hang around here, so I don't know."

The Redmond Athletic Club lost its lease at the end of February and closed. Chancellor was interested in buying it. Maybe he still is. But we wouldn't blame him if he's not.