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How the best NFL GMs beat the system

It’s not easy, but the best of the best know how to take advantage of weaker minds.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

The NFL is filled with personnel people positive that they’ve got team building down to a science, but five minds stand out, and we examine why.

• What is it about Ted Thompson’s background and annual ability to draft and manage a roster that leads to the Packers staying ahead of most of the NFL (and never needing much, if any, help in free agency)?

• Why do various GMs and coaches keep trading with Bill Belichick, and why does his plan of amassing picks and assets keep New England winning at a higher rate than everyone in the NFL?

• How did John Schneider and Pete Carroll help the Seahawks build a culture of finding and taking advantage of undrafted free agents as they stay atop or near the top of the NFC?

• What is Ozzie Newsome’s secret to gathering compensatory picks to further build a roster of cheap young talent?

• What’s the strategy of Arizona’s Steve Keim, who doesn’t necessarily adhere to a strategy practiced by the other top GMs?