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Jalen Ramsey says he's the 'best player' in the 2016 NFL Draft. He might be right.

It's not really hubris when the Florida State defensive back says that about himself. He's really, really good and might just be the first overall pick.

Jalen Ramsey declares himself "the best player in this year’s draft." The Florida State cornerback-safety wants to be the top pick in the draft this year. His pro day workout on Tuesday only furthered that aspiration, and with the rise of the nickel defense as a something close to a base package, his value speaks for itself. However, it's been nothing but offensive tackles, pass rushers and quarterbacks in the No. 1 spot since 1996.

Just listening to Ramsey talk about the draft and football is enough to convince you (check out the video) that he just might be right about that whole "best player" declaration.

EAGLES LOOKING FOR QBs: The Eagles are working out the draft's top QB prospects. Philly's brass was checking out Jared Goff earlier this week. On Thursday, they're working out Memphis QB Paxton Lynch, with an entourage that includes owner Jeffrey Lurie.

RAMS READY TO DEALPeter King thinks the Rams could trade up for a quarterback too. They definitely need one, and general manager Les Snead has done more wheeling and dealing than any other GM in the league since 2012. Of course, if you're a young quarterback landing with Jeff Fisher and his long history of failing to develop a signal caller, you might be better off in Cleveland. Also, don't rule out the Rams dealing up for a defensive player too.

BRAIN GAINZ: How a smartphone app and $15 piece of cardboard are taking on football concussions. Concussions and their symptoms are hard to diagnose with the naked eye, resulting in a lot of players playing when they shouldn't be. A new app hopes to change that.

CHARGERS STADIUM PLAN REVEALED: San Diego Chargers downtown NFL stadium plan leaked early. With the San Diego Chargers' citizen's initiative for a downtown NFL stadium due out soon, Ben Higgins got a hold of some of the information early and tweeted it out.

RISK & REALITY: Former Atlanta Falcons safety Erik Coleman says CTE is a "scary" possibility. It's impossible for players to ignore the health risks associated with the game.

ALL TALK: The NFL isn't going to sue the New York Times. So far, the league’s tough talk about legal hard hits is just talk.


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