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Andrew Luck is going to be the richest Civil War general

Even richer than Ulysses S. Grant! Also, this has ramifications for the Colts and the NFL, which are way more important than American History.

Just how much is Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck going to get paid? He's going to get paid a lot, like the kind of deal that sets a new precedent for quarterback pay in the NFL. But remember those four years when the Colts had him for relatively nothing? They squandered those years, and they're going to be feeling the ramifications of that for a while.

On a more positive note, Andrew Luck will be the richest Civil War general. We can probably expect a new dispatch from the General when that happens.

BLOGGER MOCK: 2016 NFL mock draft: SB Nation bloggers make their picks. The mock rolls on. On Wednesday, the Saints upgraded their defensive line, again, and the Giants got a steal of a left tackle.

THE NFL'S INCOMPETENCEThe NFL would rather look stupid than evil. It's getting harder and harder to take the NFL at its word.

OFF THE TOP ROPEWith closing line of letter, The New York Times sacks NFL. The Gray Lady body slammed the NFL.

RETREAD QB: Rams reportedly interested in Texans QB Brian Hoyer. Could Jeff Fisher add another bad quarterback to his collection?

PHILLY WANTS A QBEagles spotted having dinner with Carson Wentz. Sounds like there's a QB on the menu for Philly.

CHIP IS KIND OF A DICK: Chip Kelly isn't fun to work with. Surprise. Kelly really, really pissed off his scouting department when he was the Eagles head coach.

HOPE FOR THE 49ERS? The 49ers only improved in one area this offseason, but they're better off than a year ago. They're not better at QB, RB, LB or anywhere else ... but the upgrade from Jim Tomsula to Chip Kelly could be sizable. We'll check back with the scouting department in a year or two.

VETERAN MOVESThese are the veteran NFL free agent signings who still have something left. Not every 30-something player is a broken-down shell. Here are some veterans that still have a lot to offer for their new teams.

ROLLING RAMS: On the road with the L.A. Rams’ rolling caravan. Robert Klemko went behind the scenes to look at the logistical complexity of the Rams’ nomadic season to come. They needed 30 trucks to move the team, which seems like a lot trucks to take seven wins across the country.


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