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RG3 with the 49ers? Unbelievably believable.

RG3 four-niner would be his CB handle if this happened, which is too cool for it NOT to happen now.

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Free agency officially starts on Wed., March 9. One player each NFL team should target in free agency. All 32 NFL teams could find an upgrade somewhere in free agency. Their shopping list starts here. BUT WAIT, there's more! In anticipation of next week's free agent wackiness, Danny Kelly, Stephen White and myself dusted off the ol' podcast, bringing back the Onside Kick Family Hour with a free agency preview and a combine recap. You can also subscribe on iTunes.

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RG3 TO THE 49ERS? Would the 49ers be RG3's top choice if Colin Kaepernick was gone? That's what the rumor mill is saying right now.

SKINNY EDDIE LACYThe Packers asked Eddie Lacy to lose weight and holy s*** did he ever. Looking good, boss!

ARIAN FOSTER SAYS GOODBYE"Nothing But Love On This End" -- Arian Foster says goodbye. Arian Foster graciously thanked the many, many fans who supported him during his seven-year stint with the Houston Texans. Come join us in the fifth stage of grief here on Battle Red Blog.

HOW TO WATCH ONLINEFacebook, Verizon, Amazon Bid for NFL streaming rights. Amazon and Verizon are in the mix, too. Apple was not. We should get an answer this month as to where we can watch *some* NFL games online.

OH NO, T.O.!! Terrell Owens responded to Marvin Harrison's Hall of Fame criticism of him with a gun joke. No, he didn't? Yes, he did.

WORTH THE TOP PICK? Laremy Tunsil is a brilliant NFL prospect but an unfinished product. The Ole Miss tackle has the rare combination of size, power and athleticism that NFL teams treasure. However, his jump to the pros still comes with question marks about his blocking ability.

HOT DRAFT TALKHow far could Robert Nkemdiche slip in the 2016 NFL Draft? This week's Mocking the Draft podcast breaks down the Ole Miss star's pro future, and tackles some of weirdest questions from the NFL Scouting Combine.

THRUSTING WITH THE STARSVon Miller is doing 'Dancing With the Stars' where he can thrust like this without being fined. Heck, he might even win money with his infamous pelvic thrust.

UNDER THE PYRAMIDS: What is Gary Barnidge doing in Egypt? In the midst of his organization’s trip to Egypt, Browns tight end Gary Barnidge talks American Football Without Barriers, what the Egyptian stay has been like so far, Marshawn Lynch riding a camel and much more.

TOM'S TERRIBLE JOB INTERVIEW: Tom Coughlin's interview with the Philadelphia Eagles was a disaster. Job interview tips are always helpful, so take some advice and DO NOT do what Tom Coughlin did. Yikes.

ANOTHER VETERAN PASS RUSHER HITS THE MARKET: Panthers release DE Charles Johnson. The Carolina Panthers have released the nine-year veteran known as "Big Money." He'll make decent money as a free agent this year too.

SLEEVED IN PHILLYSam Bradford explains why he wears long sleeves. Finally we have an answer for the dorkiest look in football.

SLEEPER PICKNFL teams are finally taking notice of the NCAA's most productive quarterback. Brandon Doughty threw 97 touchdowns and just 19 interceptions during his last two seasons at Western Kentucky. NFL teams can't overlook that kind of production.