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Television is another option for newly retired Peyton Manning

There seems to be a strong possibility Manning could be sitting next to Jim Nantz in the broadcast booth next season.

Peyton Manning has maintained a cozy relationship with many members of the NFL media throughout his career. Now, in retirement, many are wondering if he'll become one of them.

Rumors about Manning's post-career ambitions have been swirling for the last couple of months, including speculation that he could join some front offices around the league. But it seems as if every NFL rights holder is interesting in hiring Manning, whose gregarious public persona has allowed him to serve as the popular national pitchman for Papa John's over the last several years.

According to SportsBusiness Journal, CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC would all like to add Manning to their on-air team next season. The NFL Network says it will reach out to Manning as well. All of this interest in the NFL's all-time leading passer reportedly hasn't waned even with the resurrection of a 20-year-old sexual harassment case and Al Jazeera's investigative story about his alleged ties to human growth hormone.

"I would think all the networks would be tripping over each other if Peyton Manning wanted to do this," ESPN senior coordinating producer, Seth Markman, told Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch last month. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was interested in college football as well."

With Phil Simms facing a mountain of criticism on social media last season and every season before that, fans would rejoice at the possibility of Manning joining Nantz in the broadcast booth. That's if CBS could land him before another network does or if an NFL team convinces him to follow in John Elway's footsteps into a front office role.