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Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brandon Marshall is just as dangerous when they're teddy bears

Marshall and Fitzpatrick will always connect for touchdowns.

A video posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshall) on

Who's the better quarterback-receiver combo: Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brandon Marshall, or teddy bear Ryan Fitzpatrick to teddy bear Brandon Marshall?

Marshall caught 109 passes for 1,502 yards and 14 touchdowns last season, all thrown by Fitzpatrick, so clearly that duo is lethal. But let's consider the teddy bear version. As you can see from the Instagram video, teddy bear Fitzpatrick throws the ball and morphs the ball into a larger green one, which teddy bear Marshall catches. Seeing how they celebrate immediately afterwards, it must be a touchdown. Teddy bear Fitzpatrick has a 100 percent completion rating and always throws for touchdowns.

Edge goes to the teddy bears, of course. Always.