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It's a great year to be a free agent quarterback in the NFL

Seriously, look at this market.

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WHERE IS RG3 GOING? What's next for Robert Griffin III? He was finally given his walking papers by Washington on Monday. So how soon can we expect a bidding war and which teams are interested?

BYE BYE BROCK? The Broncos have plenty of options if they can't re-sign Brock Osweiler. Osweiler may be the most seamless replacement for Peyton Manning, but he's hardly the Broncos' only choice.

HARVARD MAN ALONE: Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to hit free agency. The Jets and Fitzpatrick are said to be far apart on a deal. And it's a good year to be a free agent quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brandon Marshall is just as dangerous when they're teddy bears.

* * *

EAGLES DEAL NO. 1Eagles trade Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell to the Dolphins. It was a deal for draft picks, but more than anything, for the Eagles, it was about getting out from Maxwell's massive contract.

MAXWELL'S MONEY IN MIAMI: Is the Maxwell trade a win for Miami? It's not easy to answer. With the release of Brent Grimes, the net effect of the $11.5 million the Dolphins are taking on is a push, but it's still a lot of money for a cornerback who didn't play very well last year.

EAGLES DEAL NO. 2: Titans acquire DeMarco Murray from the Eagles. Mark a need off the list for the Titans. This was another deal for draft picks, and we're still waiting on the details. They'll certainly have to rework his contract, since $8 million a year is a little pricey for a running back. It's an upgrade, but seems like a move the Titans could have made cheaper via another route.

EXORCISM, PHILLY STYLEHowie Roseman is trying to make the Eagles forget Chip Kelly ever existed. Getting rid of burdensome contracts is always a plus, but erasing the past can be an ever bigger motivation.

* * *

COLTS RE-SIGN ALLEN: Colts re-sign Dwayne Allen to four-year, $29.4 million. That probably means free agent tight end Coby Fleener isn't coming back. It also happens to be a lot of money for a guy who has just 91 catches in four seasons, begging the question did the Colts overpay for Allen?

SO LONG, PEYTON: Peyton Manning announces retirement with tearful speech.
Peyton Manning officially retires as the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. Peyton Manning is getting out before we got to know him. It's lit. Downtown Indianapolis building pays tribute to Peyton Manning with light display.

GRONK MAD? Is Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Upset About His Contract? A not-so cryptic tweet from Gronk has us wondering if maybe he's a little unhappy with the Patriots right now.


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